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Image of Dr Andrew Gonzalez

Associate Professor | Liber Ero Chair in Conservation Biology | Killam Fellow



Dr. Andrew Gonzalez is the founder of the Quebec Biodiversity Centre for Biodiversity Science. His lab focuses on the causes of changes in biodiversity , specifically observing how human impacts like pollution and land fragmentation are affecting ecosystems.

His research focuses on observing how changes in biodiversity can impact ecosystem processes and human society. His lab aims to use their research to make informed decisions for conservation and policy and to restore the presence of ecosystems in cities.

Andrew Gonzalez



Dr. Cristescu's lab is investigating the genetic mechanisms behind invasive aquatic species and their adaptive responses of organisms to new environments. 

Dr Cristescu's research themes include: ​

  • The genetics of aquatic invasions​​

  • The nature and scale of recombination and mutation rate variation across genomes

  • Speciation in ancient lakes

Image of Dr. Melania Cristescu

 Associate Professor |  Canada Research Chair | Co-editor of Genome

Melania Cristescu
Image of Dr Gregor Fussmann

Professor | Chair of McGill Biology Department | Researcher



Dr. Fussmann's lab is interested in finding the connection between eco-evolutionary dynamics. To better understand this connection, his lab is using aquatic organisms and observing them under controlled experiments in both the field and the lab. 

Current research projects include:

Gregor Fussman
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