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Image of Dr Kevin McCan


McCann's lab studies the structure and function of food webs. His lab aims to understand the extent to which biodiversity influences ecological systems. 

He uses a collaborative approach to develop thorough scientific experimentation that combines population, communication, and ecosystem processes. 

Overall, the aim of his lab is to elucidate how humans are impacting biodiversity and ecosystem services on a large-scale.

Food From Thought

Kevin McCann is the principal investigator behind Food From Thought's food security and the maintenance of aquatic ecosystem services project. 

Other initiatives:

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University of Guelph Cornerstone
Arrell Food Institute Link

Developing sustainable food production in the face of climate change is one of the most important challenges of our time. Sustainable global food security requires that all forms of food production, including natural resource harvesting, does not simultaneously alter the biodiversity, structure and the ecosystem services (e.g., carbon storage) we rely on.

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