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Dr Fryxell's research has heavily focused the last 20+ years on the interaction between behavior and consumer-resource dynamics. Observing this interaction has brought his field research to a global scale.

From observing woodland caribou in the boreal forests of Canada, to studying large herbivores and their predators in the Serengeti National Park - Dr Fryxell's research furthers the understanding of dynamic environmental systems and the ecological repercussions behind human impact. 

Currently his lab is focusing on consumer-resource dynamics in experimental ecosystems at the University of Guelph and the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario. 

Food From Thought

John Fryxell is the principal investigator behind multiple Food From Thought projects. 

The University ofGulph Cornerstone




 Synergistic effects of climate change, nutrient loading, and pesticide accumulation. 

This project involves manipulating model systems to precisely identify where the breakdowns occur and then extend this knowledge to apply in the field. 



Eco-evolutionary dynamics and aquatic ecosystem services.


This project works to better understand whether these ecosystems will continue to provide the services we rely on under changing climate conditions requires integrating tools from the disciplines of ecology, conservation, and evolution.



Genomic indicators of agro-ecosystem services.

This project will develop innovative ways to link reliable field estimates of organismal abundance with evidence of biodiversity obtained through metabarcoding, eDNA and image analysis of bulk samples.

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